1. Main engine pneumatic system's spare parts repair kits
    Genuine repair kits in stock, BOSCH REXROTH, NABTESCO, UGEN SEITZ, HAEWON, etc., covering various models.
    1. Rexroth valve
    Kinds of pneumatic control valves in stock. A Variety Models Complete. It is a guarantee support for pneumatic control system emergency repairing .
    1. Control equipment
    Supply kinds of marine equipment (Telegraph, Oil Mist Detector, Oily Water Separator, Governor, etc.) and control system. We can design and customize control system as per various requirement.
    1. Other commonly used spare parts
    Supply kinds of marine spares. Sensors, switches, control valves, solenoid valves, relays, etc.
    1. Main manufacturer engine spare parts
    Supply all kinds of engine spare parts.MakerTypeCSSC-MES Diesel Co., Ltd. CMD-MAN B&W 7S80MC,CMD-MAN B&W 7K90MC-CHudong Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd.MAN B&W:6S60MC-C8,8S60ME-C7,7S60MC6 7S80MC6,7S60MC-C7,7RT-FLEX68-BHefei Rong An Pow…
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